Sunday, September 6, 2009

] Microcomputers using the 8086

· One of the most influential microcomputers of all, the IBM PC, used the Intel 8088, a version of the 8086 with an eight-bit data bus (as mentioned above).
· The first commercial microcomputer built on the basis of the 8086 was the Mycron 2000.
· The IBM Displaywriter[citation needed] word processing machine and the Wang Professional Computer, manufactured by Wang Laboratories, also used the 8086. Also, this chip could be found in the AT&T 6300 PC (built by Olivetti).
· The first Compaq Deskpro used an 8086 running at 7.14 MHz, but was capable of running add-in cards designed for the 4.77 MHz IBM PC XT.
· The FLT86 is a well established training system for the 8086 CPU still being manufactured by Flite Electronics International Limited in Southampton, England
· The IBM PS/2 models 25 and 30 were built with an 8MHz 8086
· The Tandy 1000 SL-series machines used 8086 CPUs.
· The Amstrad PC1512, PC1640, and PC2086 all used 8086 CPUs at 8MHz.

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