Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pack the unpacked BCD numbers(8085)

Statement: Pack the two unpacked BCD numbers stored in memory locations 4200H and 4201H and store result in memory location 4300H. Assume the least significant digit is stored at 4200H.

Sample problem:
(4200H) = 04
(4201H) = 09
Result = (4300H) = 94
Source program
LDA 4201H : Get the Most significant BCD digit
RLC : Adjust the position of the second digit (09 is changed to 90)
ANI FOH : Make least significant BCD digit zero
MOV C, A : store the partial result
LDA 4200H : Get the lower BCD digit
ADD C : Add lower BCD digit
STA 4300H : Store the result
HLT : Terminate program execution
BCD NO.: The numbers "0 to 9" are called BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) numbers. A decimal number 29 can be converted into BCD number by splitting

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