Sunday, September 13, 2009

Multiply two 2-digit BCD numbers (8085)

Statement: Write an assembly language program to multiply 2 BCD numbers

Source Program:

MVI C, Multiplier : Load BCD multiplier
MVI B, 00 : Initialize counter
LXI H, 0000H : Result = 0000
MVI E, multiplicand : Load multiplicand
MVI D, 00H : Extend to 16-bits
BACK: DAD D : Result Result + Multiplicand
MOV A, L : Get the lower byte of the result
ADI, 00H
DAA : Adjust the lower byte of result to BCD.
MOV L, A : Store the lower byte of result
MOV A, H : Get the higher byte of the result
ACI, 00H
DAA : Adjust the higher byte of the result to BCD
MOV H, A : Store the higher byte of result.
MOV A, B : [Increment
ADI 01H : counter
DAA : adjust it to BCD and
MOV B,A : store it]
CMP C : Compare if count = multiplier
JNZ BACK : if not equal repeat
HLT : Stop

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