Tuesday, September 15, 2009

8 x 4 Matrix Keyboard Interface

Statement: Interface an 8 x 4 matrix keyboard to 8085 through 8279.

ource program:
MVI A, 00H : Initialize keyboard/display in encoded
OUT 81H : scan keyboard 2 key lockout mode
MVI A, 34H
OUT 81H : Initialize prescaler count
MVI A, 0BH : Load mask pattern to enable RST 7.5
SIM : mask other interrupts
EI : Enable Interrupt
HERE: JMP HERE : Wait for the interrupt
Interrupt Subroutine:
MVI A, 40H : Initialize 8279 in read FIFO
OUT 81H : RAM mode
IN 80H : Read FIFO RAM (keycode)
EI : Enable Interrupt
RET : Return to main program

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