Saturday, September 12, 2009

Subtract two 8-bit numbers (8085)

Statement: Subtract the contents of memory location 4001H from the memory location 2000H and place the result in memory location 4002H.
Program - 4: Subtract two 8-bit numbers
Sample problem:
(4000H) = 51H
(4001H) = 19H
Result = 51H - 19H = 38H
Source program:
LXI H, 4000H : HL points 4000H
MOV A, M : Get first operand
INX H : HL points 4001H
SUB M : Subtract second operand
INX H : HL points 4002H
MOV M, A : Store result at 4002H.
HLT : Terminate program execution

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