Thursday, September 10, 2009

Examples of external computer buses

] Parallel
Advanced Technology Attachment or ATA (aka PATA, IDE, EIDE, ATAPI, etc.) disk/tape peripheral attachment bus(the original ATA is parallel, but see also the recent serial ATA)
HIPPI HIgh Performance Parallel Interface
IEEE-488 (aka GPIB, General-Purpose Interface Bus, and HPIB, Hewlett-Packard Instrumentation Bus)
PC card, previously known as PCMCIA, much used in laptop computers and other portables, but fading with the introduction of USB and built-in network and modem connections
SCSI Small Computer System Interface, disk/tape peripheral attachment bus
[edit] Serial
USB Universal Serial Bus, used for a variety of external devices
Serial Attached SCSI and other serial SCSI buses
serial ATA
Controller Area Network ("CAN bus")

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