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Wikiversity has learning materials about Introduction to Computers/Processor

Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Microprocessors
[edit] General
Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present – By John Bayko
Microprocessor history – Hosted by IBM
Microprocessor instruction set cards – By Jonathan Bowen
CPU-Collection — An extensive archive of photographs and information, with hundreds of microprocessors from 1974 to the present day
CPU-World – Extensive CPU/MCU/FPU data
Gecko's CPU Library – The Gecko's CPU/FPU collection from 4004 to today: hundreds pages of pictures and informations about processors, packages, sockets, etc.
HowStuffWorks "How Microprocessors Work"
IC Die Photography – A gallery of CPU die photographs
[edit] Historical documents
TMS1802NC calculator chip press release – Texas Instruments, September 17, 1971
1973: TI Receives first patent on Single-Chip Microprocessor
TI Awarded Basic Microcomputer Patent – TI, February 17, 1978 ("microcomputer" to be understood as a single-chip computer; a simple ┬ÁC)
Important discoveries in microprocessors during 2004 – Hosted by IBM
Pico and General Instrument's Single Chip Calculator processor Possibly pre-dating Intel and TI.
1974 speculation on the possible applications of the microprocessor
original papers written by ray M. Holt

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