Wednesday, August 12, 2009

microcontroller application

Microcontrollers are found in almost all "smart" electronic devices. From microwaves to automotive braking systems, they are around us doing jobs that make our lives more convenient and safer. Microcontrollers are essentially small computers. Unlike your desktop computer, microcontrollers interact with other machines rather than humans. A microcontroller might be used to measure the temperature of your toast at breakfast and when the temperature reaches a predetermined measure, the toaster could be turned off. A microcontroller could also be used to count the number of customers entering the ball park through a turnstile thereby keeping track of ticket sales. The uses for these small versatile devices is diverse. Perhaps you can imagine a microcontroller application that will improve a product or decrease the time required to complete a process.Our purpose here is to help you learn what microcontrollers do and how they go about doing it. In the projects section you will find instructions to help you learn to use microcontrollers through hands-on experiences. You should be able to get microcontrollers to do some interesting things by the time you finish the projects.Working with microcontrollers can be both entertaining and frustrating. If you are fascinated by electrical stuff and like to solve challenging problems this study is for you. Now you should visit the projects page for information on getting started.

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