Wednesday, July 29, 2009


FZ6 FazerS2 / ABS - Hit overdrive
You don’t do the same thing every day of your life, so why would you want a motorcycle that’s only designed to do one thing? You need a motorcycle with a design brief as varied as your lifestyle. That’s the FZ6 FazerS2 – do your usual stuff Monday to Friday, then when you need to get away, just strap on a kitbag and away you go, loving the high-revving horsepower, supersport-quality handling and weather-beating upper fairing.
FZ1 / ABS - Serious attitude, serious power
The FZ1 was born for life on the street – taut, muscular, ready for anything. Its R1-based engine packs a mighty midrange punch and that cast aluminium frame cuts its way through the curves like a supersport bike, so whatever’s going down on the street you’re always in charge. The FZ1 has got heart-pumping knockout performance and it’s got serious attitude on top of that, a lean and mean look that’s all about raw power. ABS option standard equipped with under cowling.
FZ1 Fazer / ABS - All-out performance, all-round versatility
Superb man-machine interaction is at the core of the Fazer’s R1-inspired supersport performance. Accelerating out of turns you feel it, because the R1-based engine is tuned for massive midrange. In fact you’re enjoying yourself so much that the brief ride you had planned turns into something a bit longer. No worries, the upper fairing keeps you comfy all day and there’s plenty of room for luggage when you decide this ride’s going to last all weekend.
FZ6 S2 / ABS - Cut to the chase
The FZ6 S2 cuts a dash on the street. Its audacious, forward thrusting design demands attention. Its powerfully built chassis and 12,000rpm four-cylinder engine are ready to spring into action with a stab of the starter button. This is a motorcycle that cuts straight to the chase, it’s a stripped-down performance sculpture with high-end horsepower and seriously agile handling that’s king of the street, whichever way you’re looking at it.

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